03 Oct 2017

Beautiful Beaches of Japan

Beautiful Beaches of Japan

Japan is a beautiful country made up of a series of islands. Its long structure offers a vast coastline with a lot of beaches. While one can find ample of water sports and other facilities around famous beaches, some beaches are less heard of but are gorgeous.

However, the best beaches for sunbathing and swimming are usually found in Okinawa.The climate and swimming season differ from north to south.

Read on to know more about the best beaches in Japan.

Nishihama Beach

Image Credit: Chen Qu (Flickr)

Situated near the northwest part of Japan, Nishihama beach is the only beach on the island where one can swim freely.

The fine white sand and clear waters make this beach way more beautiful than it is. It is also considered to be one of the most famous beaches in Okinawa.

One can find a range of water sport activities happening at this beach because of the shallow seashore.

Sunayama Beach

Source: matcha-jp.com

Known for its beautiful silver sand, the name of this beach translates into ‘sand dune’.
Sunayama Beach houses a natural limestone structure crafted by the swirling waves.

However, this beach stands out as a major tourist spot mainly because of its crystal green waters and abundant greenery. What’s surprising is that travelers often discover that it is rarely crowded.

Shirahama Beach

Source: cnn.com

If you are the kind of person who likes to spend vacations at a luxurious resort, then this place is just for you. Shirahama is a resort town situated on the south coast of Wakayama Prefecture.

The white sand found at its beaches is imported from Australia. The name Shirahama also translates to “white beach.” This best time to visit this place is during the summer, as tourists get to witness nightly fireworks.

Yonaha Maehama Beach

Source: i.pinimg.com

Imagine walking on a beach covered with bright white sand consisting a combination of emerald green water, so peaceful that it makes you feel the entire beach was made for you.

Now save this imagery in your head as it will soon lead you to the Yonaha Maehama beach. A resort beach that represents an isolated island of Okinawa, Miyako Island, and is a place which a considerable number of tourists from Japan and abroad visit.

However, the beach is little crowded owing to 7 m length of the coastline despite its name recognition.

Aharen Beach

Source: http://keramaislands.asia

Known for its abundant marine life and deep coral reef, the Aharen beach located Tokashiki Island, is slightly curved in shape. The level of transparency present in the water makes it a perfect spot for swimming and other water sports.

It is also called as the Mecca of snorkeling and diving among other marine sports.

Tell us which of these stunning beaches would you visit on your trip to Japan?