12 Sep 2017

What makes Japan the best destination for tourists?

What makes Japan the best destination for tourists?

The perfect blend of culture and futuristic technology is what makes Japan an excellent tourist destination. One can find ample of temples and shrines around the country, where visitors not only get to witness the beautiful architecture but also uncover the ancient stories related to it.

Along with rich culture and traditions, the tourists also get to experience the great Japanese architecture which is a testament to the advancement in technology and modern life.

Check out the reasons that make Japan the ultimate tourist destination.

Travel that doesn’t exceed your budget

The public transport in Japan is highly developed and widely used by the local people. The bullet trains taken by the Japanese for commute are the safest and the cheapest option. The best part about these bullet trains is their punctuality. While in other countries it’s difficult to imagine a train that is due to arrive at 7.30, pulls in at 7.29, in Japan, it’s actually quite possible.

A mix of traditional and modern culture

Japan is a country where the ancient and modern meet. While there are many historical, monuments, castles, shrines and mythical stories, there is also an existence of luxury brands, Anime and Manga, cat cafes and robot restaurants.

On the one hand, you’ll get to see department stores, skyscrapers and people checking their email on their Palm Pilots. On other, you will notice that the civilians still hold the ancient rituals close to their hearts. You will find teahouses, where people take off their shoes before they are served by a tea master wearing her traditional gown.

Enjoy the best sushi money can buy

Nothing beats the taste of authentic Japanese flavors. You may have tried amazing sushi delights from various restaurants, but the ones served in Japan are what dreams are made of!

The Japanese chefs are born to craft the best sushi in the world. Whatever may be your craving Tsugu Sushimasa, Ikura Gunkan or Sake Nigiri, name it, and you have it.

Attain Nirvana

One of the major reasons for travel is to escape the daily routine and give yourself a break you deserve. A break where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, spirit. And what better way to do so than to take a trip to the Kamakura Kotokuin Temple and meditate under the open sky?

Your visit to this temple will not only fill your soul with tranquility but will also help you discover many interesting stories associated with the statue of Great Buddha.

Witness the majestic Mount Fuji

The beauty of the majestic Mt. Fuji will take your breath away in one glance. When in Tokyo, don’t forget to visit this active volcano located in the southwest region.

Popularly known as “Fuji-san,” this mountain stands to be Japan’s tallest peak, at 3,776 meters. Many summit hikes are carried out on Mt Fuji. Considered as one of the most sacred mountains in Japan, it has continued to remain a pilgrimage site for many centuries.
Its iconic beauty has inspired well-known artists in the Edo Period.

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