02 Feb 2018

Lookout for the first AI-assisted policing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo, Japan is getting ready for the 2020 Olympics in full swing and one of the lookouts for travelers around the world will be the first AI-assisted predictive policing, a method of foreseeing occurrence of accidents and crimes using artificial intelligence.

The Kanagawa police near Tokyo are going through trial rounds with their new system.

The system is designed to predict crime scenes before it could happen, send the coordinates for the police officers to investigate and prevent them.

It employs “deep learning” method, in which the system learns by itself based on big data, using criminology knowledge, mathematical statistics, data about the time, place, weather condition, geographical condition, aspects of past crimes and accidents, and even information from social media.

The AI-assisted policing will be one of its kind innovations by Japan to ensure the safety of their citizen and the guests who will be visiting them during the 2020 Olympics.

During events like these safety is always of prime importance and it is commendable to see how Japan is working towards it by utilizing every possible avene to ensure people feel safe and enjoy their stay.